is a campsite directory that is built on a Content Management System (CMS). The website lists over 1300 campsites, all running from a database containing more than 3 million records.

  • Using Geograph technology is able to display unique images of the area around the campsite listing in a gallery format;
  • Once the user has selected a campsite from the listing, will also display other campsites available in the same area;
  • Map pointer clustering allows the Map to display groups of campsites together in a cluster so that more popular areas can easily be viewed/accessed by users;
  • The task of adding and editing a campsite listing has been simplified by using an institutive web form;
  • The site is developed to be user friendly so that visitors can easily add review and upload their own photos;
  • Egginton Design has capitalized on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure that can easily be found in multiple search engines.

Take a look: Bigfreeguide Campsite Directory